Kindness of The Soul


If I’ve learned one thing: from the lessons of regret, that it is more about the journey itself,

the rocks of humility, the stone and stumble, they are there not to cause the crash -the burning I’ve felt. 

It was there, I found purpose on the path. It was there I’ve learned how deep the pits falling…

Somewhere along the way, I found my truest self.

The girl who has shaved her hair bald and grown it again. The girl that had scales for skin and watched those same scales turn to skin.

The girl who has the biggest mission:  that is to be kind,

be kind to others

be kind to self

be kind to the pain

be kind to my own failures

be kind when things change and  when they don’t

kindness is all that matters in healing the soul

kindness sis. krissy



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