I Choose Me:



I remember a time, much different than, the skylines today. Most things around me -seemed, they’d flatlined back then and that was just the way things were. My elders didn’t live past one hundred years of age. Let alone talk about – secrets in the family, or share a feeling or two. Emotions were taboo, sex was taboo, beatings were taboo, something not allowed – out on the sleeve. That was unheard of- what happens at home, stays at home.

Nowadays, coming out is not a phase -its a way of life. “To be or not to be”

Breaking through darkness

tiny-voice echoes choirs

landfills bursting, humanity on its sleeve,

what difference a day makes

dismantle monsters at the dinner table

disable the clink, ice in the glass

disable the mountain, space for the river

disable the pounding, masking -up the mirror


Dear Mirror, walking past- tinted wrinkled skin

dismantled mask, glowing and growing –

better than what’s been

ode’ to the mirror, I used to be- I used to hold

I used to front-

the reflection that once controlled,

feels like – I couldn’t see

I couldn’t break…

coping mechanisms- the stress, the drama

the tiny woman, relentlessly persisting

it’s me- it’s me -it’s me! 🙂

Kindness sis. krissy










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