God Grant Me One Sign:







(free photo pixabay)



I listened to a women’s life story. How the sky became her home. How the trees kept her company when the windy -barks, lean and blow. The clouds to be her pillows on the cold October park bench. Her wavy-coiled black hair had a mind of it’s of own. Her full lips, spake of something I hadn’t yet known. She said

“I’ve never been lonely nor homeless” as long as I’ve had the sky. Wherever I’ve traveled or travailed,  God has been watching and that’s good enough for me.” “I may not have the latest iPod or the lastest touch screen.”

“I’ve got pillars of clouds- some days they’re my angels, beautiful set-moons that mirror God’s reflection.”

“And when the morning comes, it reminds me -this is my home. Robust, rotund -green and full -I’ve always wanted my living room. Big, cozy -free.”

“A fireplace- when the sun goes pink, right before the night-blankets and tucks me in.”

One house of mercy

uncounted windows of love

40 years in the making – breaking everyone

cream-colored porches

scented cinnamon twigs

twisting in the distance, one sense of purpose -the soul searches and searches

praying for a sign of the dove.

kindness sis. krissy


13 thoughts on “God Grant Me One Sign:

  1. Maren

    This is truly and deeply moving, and I dedicate my very reading of it to a friend I will see later today as she showers in the Y who lives rough and smiles like all the world is hers.


    1. Visionariekind Post author

      hi, thanks for saying that- nope it’s a free photo on pixabay and I needed to add the credit something I forgot when I posted this 🙂 glad you pointed that out so I can correct that error :-0 thank you for reading and commenting means a lot 🙂


  2. Margie

    This so touched my heart!
    Thank you!
    It’s been wonderful to visit you tonight and now I will say good-night.
    I wish you and your family many blessings!
    I shall be back!
    Oh, if you would, could you please follow me?
    It would be an honor to me.
    I have started my blog.
    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person


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