Do It Your Self: Book Tree

73395464_510478603108089_1112111541404041216_nIdeas to implement/improvement in my community and in my home( my original family photo in home book tree

this fall break gifted(me) – A mother of three with this notion of creating a book tree and after thoroughly searching my house for books. The kids and I had more than enough books. I must say we had blast watching the books fall. Quickly learning we needed to youtube this idea.

At our local library – the books are neatly stacked with lights to adorn and so we attempted to do the same. So after trying, and falling and leaning books here is the final result.

Now my kids say- “mom you know I wanted to read that book but now it’s in the book tree now. In which I replied – we still have the E-copied version so no excuses. Looking at the book tree the kids gather around to read more. The lights are calming. A gentle reminder to stop and read is so inviting.

And here is my shorten to-do list of other ideas

*start a crisis hotline in my community( I just found out we didn’t have one)

*create a free hugs event- I believe in human touch- we’ll live longer

* save a little more for rainy days

*give away umbrellas and gently used coats

*give away in condition hair products that I bought but never used to the women’s


if you have any please list them below.


12 thoughts on “Do It Your Self: Book Tree

  1. loristrawn

    I love every bit of this! We carry little bags in our car filled with: food (peanut butter and protein bars), money, first aid kit, space blanket, wet-naps, etc. and give them to homeless people. I don’t care if they just take the money and throw away the rest. But we once gave a bag to a street lady and she immediately curled up under the blanket and went to sleep…that alone makes it all worth it.


  2. Michelle

    The book tree is such a cute idea! I love your list, too. I read about a lady recently who carries umbrellas in her car and gives them to people on the street who are walking in the rain with no umbrella. I thought that was sweet!



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