Month: November 2019

I smiled at the cashier, she gave me Kombucha, Blueberry tea, it bubbles my on tongue. I’m sure I’ll have time to taste goodness. I picked the stool by the window, watching the train going by. The little cafe was so close to the tracks. I could feel the engine, rumbling, rolling along, in front […]

Looking out at the east of the river, the roaring blue waves approaching, I sensed the depth of the sun’s golden heat narrowing down in the sheer coldness of the morning. The taste of times in stillness. The waves beating out the salt of ocean. Slapping the bank with the tide. The void of loneliness, […]

I kept my eye on on the clouds puffy masses, light-haze, clouds praying alongside mine that together with one of us reaching God, before the other the clouds and I, passing vapors reciprocating midst in the sky sometimes murky, sometimes unseen sometimes making faces before long I’m wondering are you following me, or am I […]

The words we write the words we tell ourselves in secrets seep under the door cracks into the hallways flushed in turning facets, running to the rescue of words often said merging in the dark riding the waves we’ve built – untapped potential essential-salt kindness sis Krissy :_)    

    Losing has taught me that when there’s darkness, and trust me there will be darkness and will have its stare,   come alive in you bare you into being prepare a table before you dainty golden living picks you clean off the bone   then you can be yourself when the lights finally […]