Month: November 2019

Sometimes I’m just a girl, walking into a book store. Swimming in the minds of other writers- ah that’s life! We’re all a little crazy or maybe it’s just me, I can never find the exit-sign in those places. So I stay until almost closing, get a sense -long body lines come out of nowhere, […]

  I think the American Dream, has lynched so many of its own, so much so, orangutan/green pupils are aglow, I know its a slow burn. I’ve known its beautiful glint. Dazzled white snow. I know its crumbling yellow -diamonds, jumping out the sky. Ah-the rope, the magnetized weight has her clever edge, if you […]

Hello, world, where the sun rises and falls against the backs of those in detention camps, where the mothers’ run to collect their children, catching tears, wrecking traps/wrecking balls of thunderous multitudes oh the dream, the crashing and burned American Dream… echoing, thirsty prayers to our people. prayers that run amuck, prayers that I thought, […]

I think to be a women’s writer today, is to take- all the things that break you, everywhere I’ve made a raw, ruin in my life and instead attempting to put them into some sort of organized crime unit for the world to see. Well I’ve given those things to gratefulness… kindness sis. Krissy

She was a sacred, gifted-hands of sorts  smuggling her own kindness, into unwanted things she herself understood, a crippled kind of loneliness understood gigantic forced place-mats by the door,  wheelchair-accessible ramps the back door, off the side rails disabled stalls in corner sized restrooms she holds doors for the walking, they say- excuse me, nod a bit of […]

I wanna live with all the other poets in the world and declare that our darkness has always been meeting together. I found them outside my home, sitting idly on my front porch.  Congregating, marinating, picking the pink “flesh off the bone.” Between city halls and the Ghetto. I’ve watched them, roll up their sleeves […]