6th Year NaNoWriMo Here I come!


Day 1 writing badge


So many thoughts are dancing across my mind. As I try and post this. In the past, I was cracking 50,000 words by the seat of my pants.

Oh no, its’ here again it’s here! Deep breaths, Krissy.

This year I’ve taken a more even kill -attacking my novel with a little more planning. Do I suck, yeah! Most likely I will. Cracking up, as I spill the tea. Okay, so I’m a terrible speller. Which many on my blog may know quite well. I think poetry has been my vain for so long it’s hard to flip the switch sometimes. ( which even in poetry my flaws show)

Nevertheless, year after year, I try and suck -onto the page as fast as my- long bony fingers will allow. I do feel more prepared this year. Strangely, yes, which can easily be my downfall. Call me superstitious, like the runner throwing up before the whistle blows -that’s me- my inners they’ be flying all over the place. Somersaults, backflips and the landing is somewhere -novel- somewhere- poetry. Somewhere questioning why in God’s green earth, why do I keeping trying my hand at writing. Only to have writing call my bluff.(sucker!)

In between all that in my head. I tend to drink plenty of water, eat my kids’ junk food. Hey! Only when they’re not looking( don’t judge, I got issues okay). My husband does try and pick up the slack for the month since he knows, I’m in writer’s mode and having all kinds of self-talks- character trips.

So here’s to another year if you’d like to be buddies my user name look for me underย ย Krissy Mossesย and I’ll be writing at the stroke of midnight or rather crying whichever happens first. ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers to NaNoWriMo kindness sis. Krissy




9 thoughts on “6th Year NaNoWriMo Here I come!

  1. loristrawn

    Go, Krissy, go! Don’t worry about spelling and that sort of thing โ€” any competent editor (of which there are many) can sort that out. But content โ€” that can only come from you. And I know you have it in you!

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  2. Maren

    Go, Krissy. I’ve done 8 since 2010 — couldn’t last year and am going to try this year — with a house full of company and a two month temp job that is insane and yep, my rhythm is poetry but I love, love love novels and I write them if only for myself! So we are in it together. Mind you I have not even signed up yet, though I wrote today 5 AM.



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