6th Year NaNoWriMo Here I come!


Day 1 writing badge


So many thoughts are dancing across my mind. As I try and post this. In the past, I was cracking 50,000 words by the seat of my pants.

Oh no, its’ here again it’s here! Deep breaths, Krissy.

This year I’ve taken a more even kill -attacking my novel with a little more planning. Do I suck, yeah! Most likely I will. Cracking up, as I spill the tea. Okay, so I’m a terrible speller. Which many on my blog may know quite well. I think poetry has been my vain for so long it’s hard to flip the switch sometimes. ( which even in poetry my flaws show)

Nevertheless, year after year, I try and suck -onto the page as fast as my- long bony fingers will allow. I do feel more prepared this year. Strangely, yes, which can easily be my downfall. Call me superstitious, like the runner throwing up before the whistle blows -that’s me- my inners they’ be flying all over the place. Somersaults, backflips and the landing is somewhere -novel- somewhere- poetry. Somewhere questioning why in God’s green earth, why do I keeping trying my hand at writing. Only to have writing call my bluff.(sucker!)

In between all that in my head. I tend to drink plenty of water, eat my kids’ junk food. Hey! Only when they’re not looking( don’t judge, I got issues okay). My husband does try and pick up the slack for the month since he knows, I’m in writer’s mode and having all kinds of self-talks- character trips.

So here’s to another year if you’d like to be buddies my user name look for me under  Krissy Mosses and I’ll be writing at the stroke of midnight or rather crying whichever happens first. 🙂

Cheers to NaNoWriMo kindness sis. Krissy





9 thoughts on “6th Year NaNoWriMo Here I come!

  1. loristrawn

    Go, Krissy, go! Don’t worry about spelling and that sort of thing — any competent editor (of which there are many) can sort that out. But content — that can only come from you. And I know you have it in you!

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  2. Maren

    Go, Krissy. I’ve done 8 since 2010 — couldn’t last year and am going to try this year — with a house full of company and a two month temp job that is insane and yep, my rhythm is poetry but I love, love love novels and I write them if only for myself! So we are in it together. Mind you I have not even signed up yet, though I wrote today 5 AM.



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