The Heavens Are Praying Too:


I kept my eye on on the clouds

puffy masses, light-haze,

clouds praying alongside mine

that together with one of us

reaching God, before the other

the clouds and I, passing vapors

reciprocating midst in the sky

sometimes murky,

sometimes unseen

sometimes making faces

before long I’m wondering

are you following me,

or am I leading,

reeling upsidedown

the freshly-cut  green grass, frost in the air

above there,

where voices are made,

one howling bow, epiphany

that’s how miracles are born,

un-noticed physical things


that is to say

those same clouds are transformed too

they’d known what I soon learned

it’s something of a miracle when

clouds gather,

praying, right alongside you

Kindness, sis. Krissy 🙂 free photo by









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