Absorbing Invisibility: aka: Capturing the soul

Smoke in slow motion

quiet eyes soaking in the juices

here we are, in snap shot

mounted, suppressed my spirit into a squirt of a lens

reconstructing my soul to water

drinking from the wells that never run dry

walking on the rivers,

smile deeply in the face of adversity,

my soul makes human

makes me believe, there’s still good left in the world

has me thinking – I am machine trapped in its blood

where I bleed out all the colors of all the other humans

our only desire, let out our souls- out and be free

where I escape to be made in the southern warmth and sunshine

hold back evil of this time,

the soul of the prophets’

priestess and people drink down a sad song

blood on the trees , blood in our veins

blood and it rains – making our souls

come alive in all its pain, in all its darkness

damaged and wounded- x-master, x-slave

x-preacher, x-teacher, x-leader

x-destination, sooner or later

we gotta let our souls… if only,

a little while…

kindness sister Krissy


5 thoughts on “Absorbing Invisibility: aka: Capturing the soul

    1. Visionariekind Post author

      I had to marinate on this 🙂 thank you my friend as you are the seer- I’m with you in prayer for lands, and sickness and those things that weigh heavy- we are not alone- I stand in agreement with you, truly I thank you Maren 🙂



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