A Drop of Spilled Milk

Yesterday I felt like my writting had hit a snag, okay, okay a slump. What- ever this is, I know can write my way out. God always makes a way out. Now that ‘s not to say, there isn’t spilled milk or crying, going-on over here. I’ve done plenty. As the old saying goes, no need crying over spilled milk. I guess the writer forgot to add, when there is spillage and honey there will be spillage.

Nobody knows how far the spill spreads, a little here, a little there. Feels like I’m swimming around in it. One small drip into a thousand more, cascades off the light pink-brown table down onto the brown rustic wooden legs seeping into kitchen cracks. I’m running around looking for a clean dish rag. Why? I don’t know why?

I know this makes no sense but that’s just the way life is. There’s the car that won’t start so I walk my kids to the school bus, only to find the milk still leaking. My neighbor stops me to tell me, that the doctors have found a small tumor in her throat. Milk still leaking.

I just need God to come through, for my neighbor, my family and everyone else around me, even those reading this right now.

As I’m cleaning and praying.

I couldn’t use my kitchen towels because my seven-year old’s glue stick project was fully occupied with slimy goo. Pasted in red letters, Happy Valentine’s mushed in-between.

I thought of the next best thing. Hey no judgment! These things happen, when the milk is being spilled.

I found some old shirts, thick enough to absorb a gallon of -precious jewels like this.

There’s nothing reuse-able about God’s holy spirit

God I know you can hear it, the cry of your people

undeniable pounding

pouring out,
sounding like the base of thunder

heal us again

try us O’ God , somethings gotta give

if we can’t change the course

change the course of our heart

in tune with your holy spirit

in tune with our bodies

in tune with you

kindness sis, Krissy


14 thoughts on “A Drop of Spilled Milk

  1. Yernasia Quorelios

    ♡ Goddess is looking after you too; so, please, remember “HER” before “HIM”…2020 is A Year of The Goddess, a Leap Year; so please Step Up to The Plate Ladies 🤔 ?



  2. Maren

    When there is milk and honey it is stick and when I get stuck I stop and look around and when I look around I see something that needs to be written and when I write it is wonderful, but so many times I say i am going to just clean up the mess first and I lose the poem — it is gone, gone, gone.

    I say — aging brain. God says — you wasted the inspiration I spilled the milk and honey so you would get stuck in.

    Thanks for the post.

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    1. Visionariekind Post author

      ooh’ I just may do that “Honey there will be spillage” I’ve laugh so much reading your comments Ruth -truly made my night. Thank you so much -I’ve never felt more alive- tonight reading all of these beautiful comments from you. I appreciate that

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Barbara

    This “No use crying over spilt milk” is an expression that I have used through the years. God is so good that believers can see the blessing in the spilt milk and the clean up. He always gives us more than what we ask for. We get see and experience beyond the spilt milk while interceding for others and reflect on God’s goodness, mercy and patience. Thank you for sharing with us here.

    I invite you to check out my podcast: https://decreedfree.buzzsprout.com. Blessings sis.

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