Hope On My Street: Collaboration with PrayerPower4Today

If ever there was such such a thing as Virtual Prayers -Hugs. This is the place to be! https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/ These ladies have become my prayer friends across the internet: There’s Sue giving out her wisdom, Auntie Ruth, delivering virtual booster shots of goodness, might I add, every now and then “a virtual punch in the arm.” Knocking out those bad vibes.

Then there’s Lori, she’s my writing sister, even though we’ve never physically met. I’ve been touched by her soul. Felt the warmth of her being, seen goodness flow from page to page. I’ve been brought back to life with her words. ( go on over – you won’t be disappointed ) Tell them, the kindness sister sent ya! https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/

Thanks Aunt Ruth for the 411 connect on this one. Lori and I share a love for poetry.

I think it’s only fitting for National Poetry Month.

Photo by Lynnelle Richardson on Pexels.com

Hope inside the soul has way of living in perilous times. Just when I think I’ve hit my lowest point. Or the bottom breaks from underneath me. There is hope stirring. Even on my street. Where the Bodega has closed, the young boy survived the latest shooting, at the church on 21 street. Recently he came to give his life back to God.

We taste hope just as the first lizard of the morning sticks out her tongue 
You’d not notice.
It takes, as they say, an eye.

to catch the beauty of the blue-winged dragonfly
Still, spring cannot be contained;
it bursts into bud: daffodils nodding,
blonde and careless, trees shaking down

three-doors down, in a small caddis, vagrant-vacant lot dripping with hunger 
petals, unseasonal flurries. New grass
pokes shyly from the lawn, and smells,
cut, just as it did last summer.
Hope has no fairy tales with rewarding endings 
We are not the same, shaken
as only the most microscopic
menaces can make us. Yet.
Hopes lives in the lives of shattered things 
Nothing can impede the rush to Easter. 
The stone rolls away, light as an egg.
destined for rapture, of better things
What lies inside is awaiting us.

poetry by Lori Strawn, (Lori’s words are Italic, mine are bold)

your Kindness sister Krissy, https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/

10 thoughts on “Hope On My Street: Collaboration with PrayerPower4Today

  1. loristrawn

    Oh, Krissy, my sister! Just when I think this poem couldn’t be more transcendent, your opening lines knock it sky-high! Thank you for your kind words and friendship. You mean the world to me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rhcwilliams

    Auntie Ruth, here! 😊 Just checking in to say, you and Lori have absolutely knocked it out of the park! I’ve always felt that true poets were from Somewhere Else. Some ethereal place where they commune with the muses. And I felt the same sense of “yes” when reading your work as Lori’s. A cleansing breath that’s restorative. Or something! You two ladies can probably explain all this better in a poem! I feel so proud, even though I had zero to do with the writing of this poem! 🙏 Much love to you, Krissy, and to my/your blessed sacred poet-partner, Lori. 💖


    1. Visionariekind Post author

      Reading this with a smile on my face. That place you describe that was poetry – oh yes you’ve connected us. I always say, great facilators/ great creators go hand-in-hand. Auntie Ruth, you gave us the nudge and inspiration to create. Its a wonderful thing, to have great friends, to be so deeply connected and we’ve never even met. How powerful is that! I’m grateful.Much love, Auntie Ruth, looking forward to more writings with Lori, and sharing a laugh, and all those prayer hugs in between. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ( you are so funny might I add that’s good medicine esp. in times like these) thank you as you would say (dear heart) 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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