Whichever Way The Wind Blows Collaboration (He’s Risen Sunday)

Lori and I are back! She’s my writing sister, from another mother. Sometimes I think, I’m the little sister while she has her noetic-pulse of poetry. She’s the great master mind when it comes to and arrangements’ of poetry. Might I add a powerhouse of words. https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/ (go over and see for ya-self!)

Having said that, I don’t take lightly the words, He’s Risen! On a day of all days, so many things have change. From churches, to supermarkets, to take out, to cooking at home, service in the living room. We still feel the wind, taste borrowed tears from sky-jars

I see prayers being answered. 
I see clouds gather like a furrowed brow.
I see miracles so clear, light blue skies before the evening
I see storms mounting, a menagerie of shades of gray
I see nations closing the gap not out of fear but faith.
I see faith fragile as an old bone.
I see a faith that crosses religious lines
Wind whipping, blowing change faster

interconnections — preceding daybreak.
than we ourselves can follow.

Purified waters in hyssop, “washed whiter than snow”
God spreads his hands and smiles.

God with blue ink, he writes upon our red hearts
Nothing is written in stone

just so you know.
God visits our tears
He wipes them with holes
in his hands
He says to me — He says to all of man
I bear it, my child, you’re not alone.
And, in an instant, Easter morning.

Poetry by, Lori Strawn ,https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/

( Lori’s words are in Italics, mine in regular type)

kindness sister, Krissy


8 thoughts on “Whichever Way The Wind Blows Collaboration (He’s Risen Sunday)

  1. Maren

    This is a blessing, not read till the morning after Easter and so setting me up for the Eastertide season which is wonderful word — tides … Thank your for the weaving of the images of grace.

    Liked by 1 person


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