God Holds Our Bones Together: Audio added

Prayer Poem by the author of this blog

to the God that holds our bones together, holds sanctuary in the soul,
while we are at times are broken, troubled waters, wells have run dry

Hear our prayers O God…
 allow us to put aside our pride allow this very prayer to suffice God you are my only  devotion you are our ultimate supply

must tell Jesus,  when the pounding ache, of our lives becomes too much, when the loneliness, of our prayers spill out 

We dare not bear these burdens alone

God bottled up precious tears for angels to touch

you shut up the mouths of darkness, you bring hatred to its’ knees, you catch us even when we fall,

“you are wounded for our transgressions,  bruised for our iniquities: the {h} chastisement for our peace rest upon him; and with his stripes we are made whole”
I must tell Jesus, Jesus alone, gathering the weary, lonely, downcast, down hearted touch all those who are bereaved 

God you are our devotion, you are our ultimate peace

sis, Krissy Mosley


9 thoughts on “God Holds Our Bones Together: Audio added

    1. apoet'svisionKrissy Post author

      aw, to kind my sister, I was trying to post a heart emoji, but it seems like my hearts are not working. lol very strange times at the moment. Let’s catch up when you can -no pressure, my blogging is sporadic these days…blessings


  1. Maren

    I made myself listen instead of reading first letting me pray on the wind and whisper of your words. There are so many tears, mine and others, I wish the angels would touch.


  2. kwameowusubaafi

    If I had never prayed before, you taught me today – how to touch the heart of God in the midst of pain and suffering. And who doesn’t have enough of them lately.
    Thank you, Sis. Keep on sending my heart soaring with grace in its wings.

    Liked by 1 person


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