Ode’ A Mothers’ Prayer

with conviction, mothers raise their children in  prayers like rivers of the night, like the dreams of the negro mother. A higher Love,  through adversity,  through trauma and tragedy. through all night prayers, sitting by the bedside,

 awaiting -little makings of something beautiful.

 A higher Love,

that love would ask a mother’s dream – be heard over preaching reins of suffering up storms,

 be heard again in the quiet ache and swarm.

  allow the the dust to settle in a moment a woman is born…

Her prayers will breathe.

Dear God, for all of our Mothers

our prayers will wear our names as embers that burn before the throne
 prayers that be:  raging, weeping, sowing , seeping   prayers that break the monotony, degradation and  brutality prayers that have no end and no beginning. ~kindness sis Krissy.


6 thoughts on “Ode’ A Mothers’ Prayer

  1. loristrawn

    Just when I think you couldn’t possibly write something more gorgeous than what you already have, you serve up something like this. Beautiful work, Krissy!


  2. Maren

    What Lori said … and oh so much more personal visceral … surely of my two grandbabies but still of my think-they-are-so-grown-up kids who worry about when they might need to take care of me prayers that are still raging, weeping, sowing, seeping.

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