I’ve been missing in action for a while, working on sunflowers in my backyard. In the world’s devastation, once again

I find my prayers sowing & seeping, planting and reaping. There are days where human words cannot reach, only spirit sprigs the breach,

your spirit, sit next to my spirit, be still, in all the chaos of the wind.

Weep with me, that our souls may find sanity,

help me to believe in better days

around the sun ,

unconsumed by the flood….


8 thoughts on “

  1. Maren

    Sunflowers to lift the heart in love. And they are so independent. I had a wedding a few years ago and the couple didn’t have much money (the young women in knee length dresses of their choice preferable with flowers and the young men in chinos and were given sunflower ties. They were getting married in the backyard in front of a fence with … sunflowers. the paper plates for cake were sunflowered, the bride was carrying … and that year the sunflowers were late … so one of her sisters painted the fence with sunflowers and they had just as much fun. Thank you for your beautiful words.


  2. Michelle

    Your sunflowers are beautiful!! And so are your words. I too find myself hoping for better times soon. This virus and not being able to do anything is really bringing me down. Prayers for a healed world soon!



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