Happy Blog Days 8 years and counting

Thank you showing this little blog-girl a web-of love

its been 8years on the blog….

image the author of Poet’s Vision
created by the author of this blog

14 thoughts on “Happy Blog Days 8 years and counting

  1. Maren

    I have so gifted by passing many of these years with you. Thank you so much for insights, beauty, words I have hung on the wall, videos I have played over and over again. I am grateful.


  2. Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author

    PRICELESS… Cat gives you a BIG CONGRATS and well deserved! 🎉✨✨
    We need you out here as I agree with our motto that “writing is healing”… You are spot on with that! Since I have two websites here on WP, it can be challenging on what to write next. LOL! So, I’ll do a shameless plug (if you don’t mind) because I have TWO Passions, and my writing is expressed through them.

    My Recovery Side Passion is on https://BetFreeRecoveryNow.com
    And My Literary Consulting, Marketing, and what I READ?
    IS at https://CatLyonsReadingDen.com
    I hope your friends will give CAT a Visit! I’m open 24/7!

    I am so happy for you, and thanks for being an Amazing Writer on WP!



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