Monthly Archives: March 2022

Hearts of Compassion: May our prayers be felt around the World

created and spoken by the author of this blog Krissy Mosley

Dear God,

May the smallest tear drop, fall a thousand miles

to nourish the soul.

Rebuild the bridge of peace ,

finding ourselves returning home as we anchor ourselves down in the still waters of God’s grace and mercy.

We speak the words of Jesus as we abide in the loving arms of grace.

Peace be still. The peace of God, that passes all human understanding. And let this peace began in me. Our prayers are for Ukraine, and for every city and state. For every community and back alley every door way and every home “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify us through and through.” May our whole spirits, body and our souls be preserved”. May our lives be touched, by the garment of compassion and held together by the renewable peace of God. ~with love your sister Krissy Mosley


Prayers of Love: for Suffering and Safety

I know I’ve been missing in action quite a bit. Okay, it’s been a while. Even though I haven’t posted prayers until this one. I’m grateful to keep my prayer life. I heard a great man once say “Knocked down seven, get- up eight.” I guess in many ways, a lot of us all across the world are feeling tossed and torn with the vicissitudes of life. If I started talking about all the things that were wrong, I’d have no energy left to speak of the miracles “through the dark nights of the soul.”

Right here in the silence,
tiny pecks of the keyboard echo loudly.
How to begin again? At the scratch of it. In the stillness ,
nothing but nothing,
thoughts overtaking another.
Picture a cloud he says,
“thoughts like clouds,
heavy, bursting with
tears of rain.”

My prayer begins,
Hi God. Can you hold all of this?
Do you have somewhere special,
Where can you put war and suffering?
All of this, is more that a cloud passing
there’s thunder, agony,
soldiers on the rise.

created and spoken by the author of this blog Krissy Mosley