Day13 #NaPoWriMo: My Fire-Joy

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My joy returned home

after her restless 

sabbatical with weeping warriors 

dripping their dreams 

into the leopard wide-oceans 

panting to quench, a single thirst

This time  my joy will be more

than the joy I remember …

I said my goodbye- too many times

to misery and company 

the joy, I let you have

 I wouldn’t want it back even if you paid me

My joy, shaved her head bald 

after mommy, found out about her cancerΒ 

My joy, is a survivors’ joy 

My joy, has danced with angels 

said her prayers with the saints 

shed her bread of tears with the ain’t’s 

My joy, is shut up in my bones – like fire -joy

laughing, the good laugh, on the right side, my belly-ache

my joy holds me down til there -are no-more- rivers

Yes! “No more rivers to cross”

that’s my Joy

Poet Krissy Mosley 2022


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