Symphony of Trees Day 20 #NaPoWriMo

Beauty of uncertainty, 

I am the one that is changing, 

gathering in  paper-poems, 

the world is held together 

falling apart in sunsets 

Photo by Pixabay on

trees bemoan their creaking 

bowing branches are drummers 

of the sky. What’s breathing me ?

The Tree and I  are  entities of the same 

The tree is aware of me, and I silence myself,

in company. 

dare to breathe,  I say, tree winds knocking on my soul 

dare to synchronize deep magic of leaf 

dare to utter oak prayers in the park or in the pew

bless now I pray,  the tree and I never stop ,never do

like hungry perspiration

in the spring, 

rings of mysteries, 

ancestral interceding’s, 


the tree has become my teacher 

and I the ever-eager student.

Poet Krissy Mosley 2022


4 thoughts on “Symphony of Trees Day 20 #NaPoWriMo

  1. Ellie Thompson

    Such a beautiful poem, Krissy. This one really resonated with me because I can identify so much with the life within the trees and have a strong bond with nature. I have adopted a tree near to where I live. It’s a black poplar tree – quite rare in the area of the country I live in (UK). It’s the tree you read about in my post called ‘Befriend a Tree’. I was just passing it one day and heard it softly speaking to me, and there began my relationship with this special tree who I visit regularly all the year-round. I so love your videos too – hearing the words of your poem spoken evokes so much passion and feeling. Brilliant writing, Krissy. When your post notifications pop up in my email, I always smile and look forward to our paths crossing again. Take care, my dear friend Xxx โค โค โค



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