My Body is the Temple: aka Holy Ground Day22 #NaPoWriMo Happy Earth Day

by me

To pray you in the morning

as you reach the highest you 

blue moons make magic awakenings 

so rare, it only finds -you 

at the moment of your whole self 

anchored in the sweetest surprise of the gifts 

that you are breathing in the sparkling fleet of angels 

that ride, to carry into 

God aspirations, breathing out -your soul is prosperous 

and the bluebird sings her prayers in agreement

in answered prayers fields that moment you begin to pray

the prayer is heard, God thinking good- God thoughts about you

salt of the earth, a sound of many oceans, skipping out into the ethers’   

leaping joy -glory- bearing-joy, the burning bush, is always with you 

is always who you are,

so take off your shoes, you are

 holy ground,

holy ground.

you are.

Poet Krissy Mosley 2022

11 thoughts on “My Body is the Temple: aka Holy Ground Day22 #NaPoWriMo Happy Earth Day

  1. Ellie Thompson

    I really like this poem, Krissy. I was trying to pick out a couple of my favourite parts but then I decided all the lines were equally special and I couldn’t choose between them. Beautiful as all your poetry is. Did you study poetry at school or college/university or did you teach yourself to write? Perhaps, it simply comes naturally to you. However you found your ability to write – keep doing more of it as it’s really excellent. You are truly blessed Xx ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. apoet'svisionKrissy Post author

      Once I had a desire to go to school for writting, and a famous poet named Sonia Sanchez told me personally don’t go , just keep writting. I was so sure she knew better than I did, so in the words of so many writers I’ll just keep sucking along word after word. I stop worrying if its any good anymore, just give into the feeling. Am I leaving it all on the page??? Have I shared my deepest truth are my eyes wide open??? I said all that to say, I think you are a wonderful writer Ellie -I’ve found myself reading your words and getting lost in them. thank you so much for that blessings 💙💙💙😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ellie Thompson

        Thank you so much for your very kind words, Krissy. You have encouraged me to try and write a new post tomorrow (hopefully). As an excellent writer, you inspire me a lot. Thank you very much for those words. Take care of yourself till we chat tomorrow. I’m looking forward to reading your next poem. Where in the world do you live? I’m in the UK (England) in a county in the south called Essex. I like to try and learn where my blogging friends live so I have some idea of what time it is for you. At the moment, the time is 10.40pm and I’ve just gone to bed. Xx 💗💗💗


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