To My Grieving Friends: #NaPoWriMo Day23

Photo by Pok Rie on

Can I help stretch a smile across your face 

relieve a tiny spec of stress in any place

can I give you hug, a taste of gladness 

hidden-treasures throughout the madness,  

even if the tears must run,

 let them drop the dew, 

of the you -you are becoming…

and after that spit -fire 

slay dragons in their sleep

even the world can’t see you coming

A hidden-reprieve  

to pardon the weary spirit 

and put your soul at ease 

sooner than later 

we’ll exchange our holes of grief 

fletch us some sunshine

P.S. I’m here for you, until it passes 

your weeping warrior💜

Poet Krissy Mosley 2022

10 thoughts on “To My Grieving Friends: #NaPoWriMo Day23

  1. Ellie Thompson

    This is just beautiful and so moving. The words you have written have clearly come from your heart, and your heart is very much a good and kind one. The video is beautiful. I realise it is your voice speaking the words in such soft and dulcet tones; I was wondering whether you make your videos too? I’d be interested to know what comes first, the words of the poem, the image or the video? How do you decide what to write each day? You are a wonderful poet.

    I can never think of enough topics to write about every day which is why I only post things about once a week. I admire your talent and imagination. Ellie xx ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. apoet'svisionKrissy Post author

      oh you are so kind Ellie, and yes indeed giving only of the work in which calls me. During the Pandemic my church asked me to create a prayer video, that they could use on zoom or face-book, for service and at first I had no idea how to, and after awhile of doing the creating prayer videos it sort of stuck to me, in which after a while, I just needed to be me and that meant not showing my face on camera but just the words and maybe a few images off for inspiration and here we are my friend… Now its April poetry month and I said why not do it for the sake of pure love of poetry, no doubt racking my brain lol and somedays, I just give in and write…. thank you for asking and taking the time to listen , blessings to you Ellie 💙💜

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      1. Ellie Thompson

        That’s wonderful, Krissy. Your videos compliment your poetry so well. Such a lovely thing to do for your church. They are very blessed to have you as part of them. I wouldn’t have a clue about creating videos, but you’ve become excellent at it. I’m very impressed. I don’t share a photo of my face on my blog either. The drawing I do share as my avatar and profile photo is a drawing of me a good few years ago. I like having the freedom of writing freely and feel that what I look like now is irrelevant really. I’m hoping to write another blog post in the next few days … that’s if something worthy pops into my head! Xx ❤ ❤ ❤

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