Day 5 #Writing Myself Whole: aka How To Take A Reset

I guess I have this inner longing for a less complex lifestyle. One where I imagine a tiny-wood cabin, with a cozy fireplace. Surrounded by a beautiful green forest. And there, I share my company with the tiny forest animals whose humble abodes are God’s green earth.

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As I open the doors of the tiny cabin, I can smell freshly chopped wood. A taste of sunshine in the air. Grounding myself in the crevices of contentment. I hear the songbirds playing their morning tunes. Tweaking, and geek-ing, in the ears of God. Lending my ear to their melody. I can feel a reset happening.

Listening to the symphony of nature all around me. East winds are gentle. Trees rustling, swaying softly. Relinquishing the need to buy the latest this or have the latest that. Putting the world far behind me.Un-wrapping timeless woes and cares over this and over that. I believe this is the place where freedom, does not draw blood from stone. Nor require anything of me.

Breathing in, I step inside God’s love
Breathing out, this is where I reset
Breathing in, my divine appointment is here
Breathing out, I am nourished I am restored

Poet Krissy 2022

12 thoughts on “Day 5 #Writing Myself Whole: aka How To Take A Reset

  1. Ellie Thompson

    What a beautiful place that would be – your homely and warm cabin in the wild. I can just picture it – an ideal place to reset, I agree. I’d love to be there with the forest, creatures and the peaceβ€”beautiful writing as always, Krissy. You amaze me with how you can produce such top-quality words and poetry with each of your posts. You get better and better x πŸ’–β£πŸ’

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  2. Yernasia Quorelios

    πŸ’œ I THINK!!! YOU!!! Mean Goddess, Mother Nature πŸ‘© ; because “God” has made an UnHoly Mess of Things with War and What NOT!!!




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