#Day15 #WritingMyselfWhole Virtues of Surrender Part 2 (continued)

where there is surrender, there is a greater reveal of spirit,
where there is virtue -yielding, there is the awakening,
where there is a waving of both hands, there is readiness,
where there is emptying out, there is a changing of old guard,
where there is a for- giving- and giving of itself is a sweet release,
and where there is a sweet -release there is walking home,
carrying out its own transmission of burdensome -ghastly- fears,
this is the getty in the journey,
yearning, un-learning grieving in the meaning,
of surrender.


13 thoughts on “#Day15 #WritingMyselfWhole Virtues of Surrender Part 2 (continued)

  1. trE

    I look forward to the notifications I receive when you’ve posted something new. Of late, your audio pieces and overall presence on WordPress has been such a gift, Krissy. You are touching people. I’m one of them. Peace.

    Liked by 4 people


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