I’m Just Not Sure:

I know its’ Poetry Month,

but i’m feeling,

stuck. trying to write.

round and round.

not fast. not slow.

Photo by Navneet Shanu on Pexels.com

P.S. Sorry I’ve not responded to any comments… (I hope to soon get my mojo back)


12 thoughts on “I’m Just Not Sure:

  1. Ellie Thompson

    I’m very sorry you’ve not felt able to write anything recently, Krissy. I’m sure you will get your mojo back when the time is right for you. In the meantime, do take care of yourself. Sending love and comforting hugs Xx 💓🌹💓


  2. serendippitysays

    Sending a hug, Krissy. It’s okay to push yourself and okay not to push yourself. Your situation and mention of mojo reminded me of a poem I wrote. I’m going to post it now to my site. Maybe it will bring a smile to you or to others experiencing what you are.



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