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Day26 #WritingMyselfWhole: Keep Those Prayers Burning

We are kind,

gentle -natured people,

unfettered souls 

trying to piece together 

a living, 

trying to piece together faith 

trying to hold back- afraid 

like old cotton sheets

wa-a-y down in the wash 

smelling up the days 

of wa-a-y back when 

We made mud pies 

We made sunshine 

We glued our problems together

We loved real -hard

We fought real-hard

We prayed real-hard 

We dreamed real- hard 

We cried-real -hard

for real change to come…. 

Poet Krissy Mosley


Day12 #WritingMyselfWhole: Miracles of Being

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slipping beneath the weeping willows breath
simmering milk of almond berries,
warm and fuzzy, bringing back that
golden feeling,
the winners are many failings in progress
my greater horizon, my greater yet to be
miracles of being,
leaping wondrously, and sublime
shouting to the mama star, I’m glowing winds, I’m bursting
I’m fresh, anointings, and healings too,
I am the Sunday in someday
I am bones of answered prayers
legs and arms and how to get there
sinew over sinew, hugs of
wide -valley-moving,
miracles of being,
going -on
in the soul

Hearts of Compassion: May our prayers be felt around the World

created and spoken by the author of this blog Krissy Mosley

Dear God,

May the smallest tear drop, fall a thousand miles

to nourish the soul.

Rebuild the bridge of peace ,

finding ourselves returning home as we anchor ourselves down in the still waters of God’s grace and mercy.

We speak the words of Jesus as we abide in the loving arms of grace.

Peace be still. The peace of God, that passes all human understanding. And let this peace began in me. Our prayers are for Ukraine, and for every city and state. For every community and back alley every door way and every home “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify us through and through.” May our whole spirits, body and our souls be preserved”. May our lives be touched, by the garment of compassion and held together by the renewable peace of God. ~with love your sister Krissy Mosley

The Way My Writings’ Work

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I think to be a women’s writer today, is to take- all the things that break you, everywhere I’ve made a raw, ruin in my life and instead attempting to put them into some sort of organized crime unit for the world to see. Well I’ve given those things to gratefulness…

kindness sis. Krissy

The Heavens Are Praying Too:


I kept my eye on on the clouds

puffy masses, light-haze,

clouds praying alongside mine

that together with one of us

reaching God, before the other

the clouds and I, passing vapors

reciprocating midst in the sky

sometimes murky,

sometimes unseen

sometimes making faces

before long I’m wondering

are you following me,

or am I leading,

reeling upsidedown

the freshly-cut  green grass, frost in the air

above there,

where voices are made,

one howling bow, epiphany

that’s how miracles are born,

un-noticed physical things


that is to say

those same clouds are transformed too

they’d known what I soon learned

it’s something of a miracle when

clouds gather,

praying, right alongside you

Kindness, sis. Krissy 🙂 free photo by