Welcome to VisionarieKindness- Words to Inspire


I am a poet at heart, using my craft on the blog,

I am a stay home Mother of three/

For me- writing is a charged lifeline on the sea

here is more about me: I am (list) more about me

Let’s change the world today.One thought at a time.One word at a time. A powerful breath, to be hungry for life again..

Here is my affirmation: by Author: Mary Mageau
“I am filled with vibrant good health
I am creating a happy Life
I am loving and fulfilled in all my relationships
I am one with the Giant Creator and all creation
I am enjoying Financial Abundance
I am happy and at Peace
I am willing to make changes to be open to something new and better”


51 thoughts on “Welcome to VisionarieKindness- Words to Inspire”

  1. I am looking around your blog, and coming to the conclusion that you are a truly inspirational woman. People sit up and take notice when you walk into the room!

    I have also come to the conclusion that you will like a couple of things on my blog.

    Firstly, my debut novel, Eleven Miles, which is about a little Botswana girl who walks eleven miles each way every day to gain her education. It is based on the true story of a woman I met on a plane, who did exactly that, and became my editor.

    Secondly, the Southern African Empowerment and Cultural Workshop in which I recently participated in London.

    Take a look. I hope you enjoy. If you do, you might like to share with some of your own followers.

    I really like your poetry. My attempts are pathetic next to yours, but take a look (under the Titbits tab) anyway.

    I am looking at you now: following your blog with interest!

  2. Oh, that last one really spoke to me tonight–as I’m anticipating a major change in my life, if God continues opening the doors. Bless you.

  3. Oh I just love the fiery determination that this poem evokes… 😀 The desire to make a difference.. is something we all should possess..!

    1. aww, thank you kindly Elena , -I will go to your blog…I must say It may be a couple of days before I get to this, as I am finishing up some writing projects…Thank you again many blessing to you..

  4. As you already know I’ve recently returned to wordpress, after being away from both posting and reading, and made a special trip here to read your poems which I never cease to enjoy. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and imagery. I look forward to reading more and wish you many blessings!

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