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The minutes go by so fast. I needed to slow down, rinse the world off . Share a little love. Smile at the trees blowing in the sky. Dance, while the trees are dancing. Laugh with today’s morning sun. Live a little less, with the things I must do. .. In doing so, my spirit […]

I know its been said “all we need is love” above all else, what else can mankind render if not love? I find myself -talking to myself- taking long walks around this abandoned track. One in fact used to belong to a middle school. Which closed about fours years ago. I could see that world […]

Smoke in slow motion quiet eyes soaking in the juices here we are, in snap shot mounted, suppressed my spirit into a squirt of a lens reconstructing my soul to water drinking from the wells that never run dry walking on the rivers, smile deeply in the face of adversity, my soul makes human makes […]

In many ways we dream almost golden, the thorns that might arise breaking the nightfall. beyond the need of intelligence or intellect. A flower unveiling petal by petal, knowingly, the day awaits us to the sweet looming light, Soft timid blooming- press turning the world around in a spec that it is the earth’s kindness […]