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                   Inflamed earthquakes                    Invisible to my cry                    I saw love tenderly tending, Exchanging her life for me I saw love marching to a lovers’ drum I saw love hanging […]

Beauty to sing loudly in the shower Beauty, more than pretty lips and satin sheets Beauty,the bell of gratitude Beauty is old age Beauty to risk it all Beauty, the will to help someone Beauty, the strength of an eagle Beauty, the courage to live Beauty is forgiveness without revenge Beauty, tiny steps of boldness […]

In the attic my sanctuary under the mercy seat enchanted voices blossom I hear you calling me, through the gates of praise                              Into the holies of holies                             […]

Sometimes, I make life so complicated. Following the stream, makes me grow. Instead of banging my head against the river- bed. I am learning, just be-easy. It’s freaking-that simple, be-easy. Life is full of fun -surprises, and who doesn’t want to have fun! When I look around and see, warm sunshine, green grass and the […]