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Today I saw the rain landings pregnant with drops of love saturating empty                                                                                     […]

As a twiny-girl I  said I didn’t need to pray. Broken tail-lights all the worlds afraid. What a sight to see with no eyes  and talk with handguns it makes no sense, and now, all I do, talking to the Sun…

Just like that brown paper bag, her ninnies began to sag. But it didn’t make her feel bad to have holes in both her pockets. Neither did she feel poor, just rubbing two nickels together, waiting for her next out-pour. Dancing drops in summer’s drought, not that she had any doubt that her girth, had […]

It is truly, a honor and an unexpected surprise, to be nominated by two wonderful bloggers; who live in happy worlds where the people are free and so warm and bubbly. These beautiful souls who are: creative,compassionate and humble. The world is better because of strong women like  themissiontomars and Fatmawaty.  If you have not check out their […]

No greater Gulf between hell and I Perhaps the rupturing twilight could speak For I never saw a man with holes in both hands and still be alive Betrayed for pennies of  fear Ah-that Christ must die watching the dust settle,  under seeds that refuse to do any thinking of growing For I never saw […]

This ain’t it. She swallowed a little more, Slightly drowning in Mississippi’s River bed it should of been holy it should of rocked her to sleep it should of taste like honey, but now it was just sadly unpleasant Pumping her legs further into the deep. Salty-night came calling.