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Although the egoic mind points the blame. Perilous times shall come. All the world’s afraid, hurt cannot be transformed. So let the wound lie open, let the winds blow on the wound, sprinkle a savor’s salt on the wound, let the wound lie open. Our days are numbered and our days are short. Love cannot […]

Wash me rivers of love like tiny rose petals budding underneath tapered  fields Wash me bare my imperfections with the tides Healing storms in my pocket deeper and deeper still Wash me… Visionariekindess2015  (Image by Malisha Goggans)

And when the man of time is done Trees cut through and through Oh’ Beastly – silly one Give yourself to you and not another Lend your cares not to beg In sorrow sow joy In Mourning sow  a gentle burst of sun Fathering a simple plea when my life is done You shall see me […]

I need the sky to walk down and touch me freckles of memories mark my journey from where I’ve been and where I’m going Only the sky can see wings of faith- See me carry my paper children feed the souls with light and promise that soon we birth our dreams to fly I need […]

She has laid down with giants strewn hope together all in a day – scribbling under midnight’s moon sifting through galaxies in her mind on the altar once more wanting to forgive – a place only she can give for every pit of sorrow sown riddled by discord merciless-on the altar once more… VisionarieKindness 2015

Today she let the light in- o’ boy did that feel good! Her metaphysical power Brushing the leaves allowing herself to be both broken, and spirited VisionarieKindness 2015

Know your own power whether through hail or raving lights and when you hark- the winds will bend in your veins VisionarieKindness 2015 To view  my latest poem  click here- I saw Love