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Although the egoic mind points the blame. Perilous times shall come. All the world’s afraid, hurt cannot be transformed. So let the wound lie open, let the winds blow on the wound, sprinkle a savor’s salt on the wound, let the wound lie open. Our days are numbered and our days are short. Love cannot […]

As I come back, after taking a few weeks off from blogging, I must be honest with myself I didn’t want to accept this award. I felt like I was not worth it. I felt buried under all the stuff that made life painful. I know now, I’m growing from a dark past, growing from […]

And when the man of time is done Trees cut through and through Oh’ Beastly – silly one Give yourself to you and not another Lend your cares not to beg In sorrow sow joy In Mourning sow  a gentle burst of sun Fathering a simple plea when my life is done You shall see me […]

There is  a flow to nourish the bones of my story Her singing bowls have just begun a morning’s ring…

Just try a little fluttering putter with the wings growing out back in the falling swing resilience grows the writer’s art in sowing nine stitches rebelliously knowing it’s not over it’s not over… VisionarieKindness 2015

Let the ceilings fall Let the earth open it’s lungs Let the magic in the trees reach out to me Between here and sanity Between lost shoes and bare feet Between the atoms of waters Between the sky and I I am Wilde I am aggrandize gold I am … VisionarieKindness 2015