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I believe:

bird in route

She rolled back

her emerald curls

Gave way for wonders oozing and


infinite speed-

with my eyes I can see.

Sunday’s Sun

today's sun

We made our pots to catch

God’s Sunshine

with life’s fleeting currants

the heart’s desire is to dance

Drifting in semi straight lines

Maybe we’d crash

maybe we’ll fly

yet dashing through each frame

gazing straight into the sun

Embracing the spring:

blue bird

(free google image)

Maybe I’m breaking through my own soil. Finding the balance to live holistically healthy in spirit, mind and body. I am giving birth to a new me with the possibility of embracing happiness. I am here to experience love, and joy. The contrast of pain and sickness I am fully aware: in a world where dying is the end result, I still choose life. My launching pads are set, ready to journey deep into waters. I don’t have all the answers, yet something beckons within, holdout my fishing line and be ready for goodness to overflow.