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Bathtub Prayers :

No smoke No fire:

I don’t know where the sea joined me,but the sea had come.I noticed along every path,through tunnels and useful roads the trees were meaner. Their presence just like me giggled at the chance to see single drops pouring sideways .I stood there in foggy bushes,evergreens and hogweeds.The trees danced with swirls, I tried to mimic. Pillowing further into my thoughts, rushing to steam off such bias helpings, the trees .

As if to say, remember the void. Nothingness ,thee great gulf that separated the waters. That holy occurrence, that made heaven real and called light day.Upon this firmament- rested during the night and breathed into man’s nostrils. To make the first souls.Or else, Noah would return – preach good tidings once more. Earth would be destroyed. Instead of holy water he’d bring the hurricane -the ocean and all its power. Elated into joy, there was no more need of one pitiful suicide but all of us could die together.

I have taken time off to finish a fictional Novel I’d started. I am learning so much about life and myself as I attempt to edit and rewrite 147 pages.Yes I am a newbie when it comes to writing books. I am enjoying the ride.Any editing tips would be gratefully appreciated .

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Fixed Day 23 Napowrimo

Five buckets of love

Above Ash Place street

Spirits,on the floor, laughing , such a soothing fall.

Her wig fell straight into the offering plate ,

all because her fix was twisted

I pulled the joker’s card and did me no good

I attended Church @ Bedside Baptist

Farting on oak wood,

while the people praise the Lord…

An old woman sneered said  “you ought to be a shame!”

I guess I couldn’t help it!!!

Higher Call Day 18),Napowrimo

Our spirits groan deep within.

Yearning for each mountain to climb.

A subtle gaze to look upon,


The wooden staff ,


For when the mountain calls you- go

Go-home to the “burning tree”

and listen closely,

the mountain speaks.

Sheep-less Day 13) Napowrimo Riddle

A fiery-baptism

softens each wayward night

Speaking in tongues

of my ancestors-kin

laying under each stoney-neck

Purging the confessions of the wind

  Swinging clicks

stroke of cotton

lead astray

One hundred and eighty degrees

 I believe.

Exhale Day 12)Napowrimo

She had crumbled before

throwing hands right above the stippled light.

This time, her eyes were squared

distilling the faintest of frozen dust.

Her thirst was cleaver

anticipating her stage

She could really take flight.



Give it all you got!

Even if it is just another bust,


Still Alive Day (5) Napowrimo

No greater Gulf between hell and I

Perhaps the rupturing twilight

could speak

For I never saw a man with holes in both hands and still be alive

Betrayed for pennies of  fear

Ah-that Christ must die

watching the dust

settle,  under seeds that

refuse to do any thinking of growing

For I never saw a man on fire and not be turned to ash

weakened by devicely


the serpents’ crawl

bitten with just one kiss

I pray to understand

these wages of sin has given dollars of death that do not spend

Upheaving Justice, that suppose our souls, wern’t worth the saving!

Here I am -again,

if we can’t overcome

and we can’t ever overstand,

Then what’s a man gotta do to get a little water his thirst!

For I never saw a man whose only kingdom was the cross

Some men have it all, some are lost,

some earn their freedom, and others shout crucify ,crucify

For I never saw a man,forgive like this

Filtered and pushing into the dark abyss

Great drops of blood ,

if only this, cup could pass, then earth would shake with witnesses beyond the mass

No greater gulf between Hell and I

For I never saw a man with holes in both his hands and still be alive…

Love’s Tree

                   Inflamed earthquakes

                   Invisible to my cry

                   I saw love tenderly tending,

Exchanging her life for me

I saw love marching to a lovers’ drum

I saw love hanging between two thieves

With vinegar stained lips

“The Temple’s Veil” torn in two

“Forgive them,” that’s what I saw love do!

Mercy Seat

In the attic my sanctuary
under the mercy seat
enchanted voices blossom
I hear you calling me, through the gates of praise
                             Into the holies of holies
                             I’ll find me,here I stand,
                             I belong with you,
                             No more excuse,I laid it down
So here I stand under the mercy seat,
you are my only guide ,my inner source
you in me and I in you