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One more day:

Standing over walls of defeat

strengthening limb to limb

intricate spaces folding

undisciplined minds

trying to find reason

to let light in

to let fire spread

we hurt ourselves

lest we grow ourselves

in every direction

seeking progress…

VisionarieKindness 2015


speaking to the rock

(image by Deleana Strohl)

As the wind

gathers her



Moses to speak to

the waters…


It’s gonna Rain

Too quick

for slowing



My,  My

blowing wet smoke

burying these shiftless chords

adding up the dead,

                          Forgive us

                                 Our transgressions

                                                   are multiplying

                                                 Forgive us.



(free google image)

Snapping at the night

drifted reflection

We were



soul stirring,


and beautiful too…

C’mon on

and shine a little light

Higher Call Day 18),Napowrimo

Our spirits groan deep within.

Yearning for each mountain to climb.

A subtle gaze to look upon,


The wooden staff ,


For when the mountain calls you- go

Go-home to the “burning tree”

and listen closely,

the mountain speaks.

Social News Day 17 Napowrimo

Naturally conditioning

each breaking strand

# I just woke up like this

Socially raging on the latest catastrophes

is it me

Overly justifying who I am

#are humans in a feeding frenzie

Translating #likes #fights and #unfriending

all I ever wanted was # happy

I remember telephones booths

a life without youtube

Where dating was in person

Maybe I’m just stuck in 90’s

Sheep-less Day 13) Napowrimo Riddle

A fiery-baptism

softens each wayward night

Speaking in tongues

of my ancestors-kin

laying under each stoney-neck

Purging the confessions of the wind

  Swinging clicks

stroke of cotton

lead astray

One hundred and eighty degrees

 I believe.

A fine Paper-Bag Day(7)Napowrimo

Just like that

brown paper bag,

her ninnies began to sag.

But it didn’t make her feel

bad to have holes in both her pockets.

Neither did she feel poor,

just rubbing two nickels together,

waiting for her next out-pour.

Dancing drops in summer’s drought,

not that she had any doubt

that her girth, had given supple-supply

for every one of her babies.

And just like that,


We’d be,

just fine.