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Naturally conditioning each breaking strand # I just woke up like this Socially raging on the latest catastrophes is it me Overly justifying who I am #are humans in a feeding frenzie Translating #likes #fights and #unfriending all I ever wanted was # happy I remember telephones booths a life without youtube Where dating was […]

A fiery-baptism softens each wayward night Speaking in tongues of my ancestors-kin laying under each stoney-neck Purging the confessions of the wind   Swinging clicks stroke of cotton lead astray One hundred and eighty degrees  I believe.

Just like that brown paper bag, her ninnies began to sag. But it didn’t make her feel bad to have holes in both her pockets. Neither did she feel poor, just rubbing two nickels together, waiting for her next out-pour. Dancing drops in summer’s drought, not that she had any doubt that her girth, had […]

No greater Gulf between hell and I Perhaps the rupturing twilight could speak For I never saw a man with holes in both hands and still be alive Betrayed for pennies of  fear Ah-that Christ must die watching the dust settle,  under seeds that refuse to do any thinking of growing For I never saw […]

Dangerously happy, flying with fireflies   And fiery-winds, Soaring above,Sun’s mindful speed Beyond thee anchored wine stained doors pass that “Great Abyss” If ever I could hold one prickly round star but for a moment, touch a holy-thing.

                   Inflamed earthquakes                    Invisible to my cry                    I saw love tenderly tending, Exchanging her life for me I saw love marching to a lovers’ drum I saw love hanging […]