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Resting-light (Day6)NaPoWriMo

She winked and I winked back.images daybreak

Right in the sol of my lungs

we shattered our rest

to breathe

in a new wide sun

She’s a cooling-fire.

Still Alive Day (5) Napowrimo

No greater Gulf between hell and I

Perhaps the rupturing twilight

could speak

For I never saw a man with holes in both hands and still be alive

Betrayed for pennies of  fear

Ah-that Christ must die

watching the dust

settle,  under seeds that

refuse to do any thinking of growing

For I never saw a man on fire and not be turned to ash

weakened by devicely


the serpents’ crawl

bitten with just one kiss

I pray to understand

these wages of sin has given dollars of death that do not spend

Upheaving Justice, that suppose our souls, wern’t worth the saving!

Here I am -again,

if we can’t overcome

and we can’t ever overstand,

Then what’s a man gotta do to get a little water his thirst!

For I never saw a man whose only kingdom was the cross

Some men have it all, some are lost,

some earn their freedom, and others shout crucify ,crucify

For I never saw a man,forgive like this

Filtered and pushing into the dark abyss

Great drops of blood ,

if only this, cup could pass, then earth would shake with witnesses beyond the mass

No greater gulf between Hell and I

For I never saw a man with holes in both his hands and still be alive…

Lightning Bugs (Day2) Napowrimo

Dangerously happy,

flying with fireflies

bugs  And fiery-winds,

Soaring above,Sun’s mindful speed

Beyond thee anchored

wine stained doors

pass that “Great Abyss”

If ever I could hold one prickly round star

but for a moment,

touch a holy-thing.

Love’s Tree

                   Inflamed earthquakes

                   Invisible to my cry

                   I saw love tenderly tending,

Exchanging her life for me

I saw love marching to a lovers’ drum

I saw love hanging between two thieves

With vinegar stained lips

“The Temple’s Veil” torn in two

“Forgive them,” that’s what I saw love do!

Love in Ten

  1. Love is my feel-good tea.
  2. My Sunday Morning Hey-Ya,
  3.  My shake and bake,
  4. Love is the things I can not see.
  5. Love is my power, no man can control
  6. Love is letting go.
  7. Love is effortless.
  8. Love is how the trees are made.
  9. Love is my whirlwind
  10. Love is leaping through the universe.

“God is Love”

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(Day 10 Future) Coral Reefs

 Steel blue salt,
In the waters that doth not stale.
The greatest fear is to fail.
Salt blue steel.
 Soulful lessons with each tide.
Till I, shake the need for dying.
Til I, manifest, solid visions of my dreams.
Til the Urchins of the sea, find a home past the thieves.
 Caught between the thickets of its kind.
Reeled forward holding lines.
Hook in gills
Gills in hooks
  Reflections, of unsung stories
all that lies before me
 tis but, Pearls of Opportunities.

Day 6,(Hero) I’ll Fly

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When I grow up I’ll fly…

with silver cufflinks

chained to the free

engaged for their own sacred prosperity.

When I grow up no need for money man against man

One toward the penny the other toward the land

Rigid cold,freezing

Broken legs ,so learned to fly

Taking to the bitter dirt

I moved sluggishly on my stubby joints

Parting the mud between

the soul and body

when I grow up

I’ll fly  ….

Thanks everyone the most comments on this poem.I’ll Fly, so much love…

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Day 5 (Fog) Crystal

Naw,naw naw.

Don’t go crying down my kitchen sink.

Shadow-calling God in Make believe.

Somewhere past the moon squares.

Where men are made of snow.

Fiery rains a comin,

Ya can’t fix stupid,  everywhere you go.

Poetry Writing Challenge Fog-Today’s form, the elegy ,poetic device Metaphor