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Why I must I Write:

To fill my shoes with gladness

To leap and fly

To run and never look back

To find value amongst the living…

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom– Elizabeth Appell-http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/e/elizabeth_appell.html

Recently changed kneal1 Poetry to VisionarieKindness: finding my stride-enjoy!!!




(free google image)

Snapping at the night

drifted reflection

We were



soul stirring,


and beautiful too…

C’mon on

and shine a little light

Piece of Joy Haiku

Morning Breeze

brings me


I have taken a small blogging break. It feels good in this space. Still loving life and dancing to the wind.I’m not quite sure when I’ll blog daily. After-all the wind is magical landing in my ear. Whispering to me write,dance and sing, This is me, doing my weekly Poetry…(all rights reserved2015)

Safety (Day 29,NaPoWriMo

Ivory Gull Svartnes harbour Vardø march22nd 2015 in flight over water sign © Amundsen Biotope

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His hat hung just above the tiled brow.

Formerly he wore his best,

High altered pursuit -Ivory Grey

Drinking -dusty winds

Perching, gently its blue-ish bill.

Practicing his craft on human-rubbish

Gliding his hallowed cry – eeeer.

Against  ghetto ‘s, sand-dunes,war zones and cliffs too 

Robotic faces shhing  feathered hands

 still on he came,

Proudly, shaking the bear,

Resiliently, greeting lion cubs,

Flying parallel with each blustery storm.

Protected by the universe, Mr. Sea Gull.

Today I did not follow the prompt, I’ve gone my own way. I meet a beautiful friend today and thought I’d share my feelings. National Poetry is coming to a close.I felt much pressure writing. I’ve enjoyed each fresh rhythmic line. I have much to be thankful for. Writing is my water,my glass-slippers to the ball.My healing. Writing is my friend. All Rights Reserved 2015.

Please check out NaPoWriMo here for today’s prompt if you like:

Day Twenty-Nine


A fine Paper-Bag Day(7)Napowrimo

Just like that

brown paper bag,

her ninnies began to sag.

But it didn’t make her feel

bad to have holes in both her pockets.

Neither did she feel poor,

just rubbing two nickels together,

waiting for her next out-pour.

Dancing drops in summer’s drought,

not that she had any doubt

that her girth, had given supple-supply

for every one of her babies.

And just like that,


We’d be,

just fine.