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Prayer & Freedom( our tears to God’s Ear)

Author of this blog Krissy Mosley…

In a moment when our lives feel threaten,

and rage blows her timely cords…

We will press that rage into praise

and press our tears into songs of freedom…

your, kindness sister Krissy🖤🖤

Having You There Makes the Difference: In other words – We Need You to Imagine…

Re-imagining myself as a writer, by grace, I am alive. Writing the script of my life -sifting through warm, dark, soil. Tending to the lumps that shape pages, where I’ve been, where I’m headed, how I’m still changing.

On the morning of discover,

I am the afro-haired girl

with friends of freedom,

we are soulmates,

in good company, we are miracles of change,

aggrandized gold, sprouting through the cracks

bountiful seedlings, dancing across the Alantic,

arising, gas-lighting stars bursting with higher thinking

bursting outside, with ladders of forgiveness.

kindness is our resource,

love is, its native power

hope is our brother

wisdom is our Mother

riding on the wings of the Cardinal