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Day17 #WritingMyselfWhole: Brings Good Feelings List💙💙💜

from my Home Garden/Hydroponic Milk cartoon so proud

A List of things that bring good feelings:

1) Working in my garden, I have two strawberries growing from my milk carton hydroponic …

2) Staying in touch with friends and family 

3) Enjoying the journey, relishing the small steps 

4)Doing things without judgment or self criticism

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

5) Keep going, you got this…  

6) Take the gentle reminders, nothing wrong with that

7) Giving Self Hugs -trust your worth it

I’ll continue the journey because of this understanding. Being in the journey: relishing in the good times,  the rejection times, the times of uncertainty, in the times where I feel limited, in the times when the limitations come off. 

I’m finally  to the point where I can, feel good about the process. Not so focused on -what I can accomplish. More so, allowing the peaceful mindset of no matter what happens to be the center.  And no matter what comes, stay in the center. Make peace with it. ….💙


Kindness Diary…

Dear kindness I am super green when it comes to starting a garden. Not in the way, that people with green thumbs grow things. At first I thought I had no inkling of an idea on what to do. However after a few Youtube videos. I felt invincible.

Of course I made a mess. Yes I dropped my entire box. No I really did not plan. Such is my life. Which requires much, much, patience.

I could hear my mother say, as I awoke each morning to check on my little seeds. “In patience posses ye, your soul.” Patience is a virtue.”

Now after the death of a few, who gave their life so that I may learn. Rest easy my little seeds. God knows I’m trying. (moment of silence for seeds)

Now they are springing out!

For the spring planters out there and homesteaders my hats off to you.

Leave a few tips for me- I’m waiting until the weather settles down a little more because yesterday we had snow. So right now everything growing, is on the windowsill.

Here a few things I’d learned for indoor planting

  • Don’t over water, feel for the level of moisture that lets you know when to water
  • Soak your seeds- it tells them its time to grow (before planting)
  • Some seeds sprout faster, than others
  • if temperature drops use coverings to hold in moisture and create a growing space
  • Patience ,patience, patience

Feel free to leave ideas or encouraging words

p.s. as always from my heart to yours ~kindness sister.

(photo of my home garden)

PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens

(Home Photos of my indoor garden)

Dear Kindness, starting a garden without a green thumb is overwhelming. I felt like nothing would grow. After 4 weeks, I dropped the entire box of seedlings. I almost cried. Okay I did. I sat there in dirt for a moment.

Dirt seemed to fly every which way. I swept my little pods and placed them in the box.

Saddened by my butter-fingers. No one to blame but me. I’m always dropping something or knocking something over. I started praying, humming a little ditty in my spirit.

Praying over my house, over my plants, over my neighbors, over this pandemic and everything in between.

Praying and cleaning as usually. I went to bed and got up the next morning to my surprise things are growing.

Now, don’t ask me, what’s what? At this point. I’m overjoyed!

I just have to keep going and let nature run its course.

Plants are resilient little things, and so are we.

your Kindness sister, Krissy