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She picked and scratched her edges.Her uterus burst forth in hunger.

By default she gravitated toward evil and worshipped,

in meal,in song,in suffering.

Trying to hold crazy together.

Her crooked places made her stumbled in

Amen,Amen Amen.

Her Halleluiah, swallowed vigorously the evil she had married in her head,

sinner and saint.


She would be driven out in bullet holes,HIV,and over grown-fur coats.

Trying to hold crazy together.



Run with your Amen

Trying to hold crazy together…



While the shoes are gathered together

I think of Philly,

no feet walking, just shoes

of where we could go

aligned with blue-black night

I think of London’s skyline

I think of my people

Old man Jack

frozen in the snow

Of “Maya Angelou”

“All God’s children have shoes”

I think of El Paso

and I’ll put on shoes

Poet:Krissy Mosley

All Men are Human (Napowrimo Day21)

I saw a homeless man,shoveling urban trash,
broken glass and all the city’s gumbo;
boiling with winter’s feet.
No pity he plowed
Philly’s streets.
His ringing cell phone surprised my empty pockets.
Rolling onto highways asking speeding cars for change.
The iron cage spoke plain.
“God Bless you girl,
all men are human,
we all just the same.”
Poet Krissy Mosley ©2014