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Day23 #WritingMyselfWhole: One Sentence

Flying high or flying low- still requires you to get off the ground…

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

Whichever Way The Wind Blows Collaboration (He’s Risen Sunday)

Lori and I are back! She’s my writing sister, from another mother. Sometimes I think, I’m the little sister while she has her noetic-pulse of poetry. She’s the great master mind when it comes to and arrangements’ of poetry. Might I add a powerhouse of words. https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/ (go over and see for ya-self!)

Having said that, I don’t take lightly the words, He’s Risen! On a day of all days, so many things have change. From churches, to supermarkets, to take out, to cooking at home, service in the living room. We still feel the wind, taste borrowed tears from sky-jars

I see prayers being answered. 
I see clouds gather like a furrowed brow.
I see miracles so clear, light blue skies before the evening
I see storms mounting, a menagerie of shades of gray
I see nations closing the gap not out of fear but faith.
I see faith fragile as an old bone.
I see a faith that crosses religious lines
Wind whipping, blowing change faster

interconnections — preceding daybreak.
than we ourselves can follow.

Purified waters in hyssop, “washed whiter than snow”
God spreads his hands and smiles.

God with blue ink, he writes upon our red hearts
Nothing is written in stone

just so you know.
God visits our tears
He wipes them with holes
in his hands
He says to me — He says to all of man
I bear it, my child, you’re not alone.
And, in an instant, Easter morning.

Poetry by, Lori Strawn ,https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/

( Lori’s words are in Italics, mine in regular type)

kindness sister, Krissy

Running, Don’t Stop Running, Towards the Light And Don’t Look Back: Kindness Diary,

Dear kindness, I feel there’s so much to say. It seems like the world has swallowed a nightmare pill. Somewhere between earth and mars -we are here. Are we ready to wake up?

I needed to run and write, like my life depends upon it. Only because I believe my life has wrapped itself around my faith.

These are the moments, we use our darkness to pursue light. Running to catch fire. Gently light the wings of the butterfly, running to carry tear drops in teacups. Running…

Moments of the darkness,

“We wear the mask” it shades our fears but not our eyes 

 unforgotten missions, weeping warriors,

our sighs’ our pleas,
our hearts open, God, let it be…

“Nevertheless, not my will, but thine”

“surrendered battles, veils and temples, vinegar, and thorns

to quench a thirst,

unrequited love

souls to save,

a place called home, so let it be.

running, where the light turns,

running around in circles,

running with the wind upon our backs

 please don’t look back, ” I saw a new heaven”

” I saw a new earth” 

kindness sis,Krissy

Dear Kindness Diary,

Dear Kindness, it was not so long ago, I was sitting in choir practice. Okay 29 years ago but not so long ago. I was singing my lungs out to “When you believe by Mariah Carey and great-late, Whitney Houston.”

Seems like yesterday… that’s when the memories, all flooded back.

After practice my teacher Mrs. Ford said Krissy I’m driving you home. I didn’t think anything of it because some teachers have been known to go above and beyond the call of duty.

There I was hopping out the car saying thank you to Mrs Ford. When she said not so fast is that you mom’s car in the drive way? I’ll think I’ll have a little talk with mom. “Okay” I said quickly. By then Mom was opening the door in her security guard uniform.

Mrs. Ross, will you allow me to give this to you? Before Mama could answer she put a wad of bills into my mother’s hand, “that’s to get your car fixed.” My brother, sister and I began hugging my choir teacher. Saying thank you but that wasn’t the end. She’d taken us all out to eat at the best shop in town.

Back then they called those sandwiches poor’boys’ long fluffy bread rolls up into whatever topping you wanted . The smell of mesquite wood, fire, and honey baked cinnamon sticks for dessert.

Mrs. Ford’s deeds were kind, in so much I’ve never forgotten this act of kindness. I’m doing my part to pay it forward.

They are tiny miracles, wherever you are thank you Mrs. Ford.

to be continued more kind stories to come

kindness sister Krissy.

Preparing Ourselves For Better… Moral Compass Reset…

The world will wait, the world will be there when we get back,

breaking from the political pursuit of right and wrong, un-eventful attacks,

silly tit-for tat- who side are you on-

is it this or is it that?

Now we redefine our moral compass -what makes the human great? what makes our punny-life, surpass…

A riot of love anticipates- once our arms were full,

things that seemed so small

now it hold these memories,

breaking of friends – sharing a piece of savory bread

spilling the tea but

hesitating to say the words that we should have said, laying on of hands, touching one with tip of the hand, we’ve taken for granted

love- on love- Loves upping the antic

“Love is patient -Love is kind”

Love can mold new jewels of precious minds

the one that collects our trash is our hero – he keeps our city streets

the one that teaches the child – he/she is our hero- sharpening the minds -imaginary discoveries

the ones that carry sick, working around the clock – the keepers of life and the dying

the mothers, the students,

the fathers and friends

our distant cousins

our neighbors

our distant friends

only love

can make the world go round- turning the world upside right

“love is patient -love is kind”

kindness sister Krissy