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Random Acts Of Me: (no judgment please)

One: I thought I had jumped, into my novel but maybe my novel has sullied my good name -writer. Ha! I say it with a smile. My novel laughs back at me, slaps me around 3:am in the morning. Tells my mother jokes -there was this girl who thought she should write, and then she realized I was her mother, what’s more real the dream or me…

Two: As I thought I would study, learn all the I could about the great spirit- the great God/ but maybe I have learned nothing.

Three: My most fearful thought, is that the world would catch me with my pants down. The belief beyond it, (my darkness out shines my light sometimes ) that truly, it is has happen.

I was in college going through the worst of times, and so my skin tried to get up and walk out on me. Ugh! I darted out class, ran to the nearest bathroom. Pulled down my pants, not going into a stall. My bad! I had to scratch my legs.

And as I was in deep relief of all the stress that college brings. Two girls walked in. Caught off guard I hurried, falling all over that restroom in pieces. Picking up what was left. I washed my hands/dashed out, in tears and laughter, boy o’boy it had to be me (flopping around trying to pull my pants up)

and now you know what a klutz I am…

your kindness sister Krissy P.S. hey at least I’m honest, I’m not that girl anymore! shh for readers only & those with eczema suffers understand