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Day18 #WritingMyselfWhole: Gospel of Rain Part 2

when rain speaks she has no shallow dexterity
she holds the bosom of skies in peaceful mothering’s
broken drops of purpose, going back before the days of moses,

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

she smells familiar, like the beginning,
a leaping exodus, barring wide -stirrings

billows, openings and moaning’s to songs of mercy
ditty-breaks, of breathing rain,
heaving -heavy her chorus, of holy wonder,
dimensions and multitudes will look upon her…
she is poet, and prophet,
falling with the sunrise, and rising with the
night sky.

Poet Krissy Mosley 2022

Looking for Goodness

our eyes meet

in the coolness of the evening


I still believe in sunshine

where goodness can be

in all that is good

everything that good is made of

must lie somewhere in a hidden field of red poppies

powerful enough to heal a desperate


~kindness sister Krissy

Things I’ve taken for Granted

And just like that I’d missed another day arriving far away from my knowing. I was so busy, doing nothing, so busy running into myself, turning around in dog tails, wagging in place. Panting, with my ear touching the cold floor, that held me down for a little while. Tile, black chalked lines, this is the memorial for leisure. Nowadays, when the sun is out and I’m shut in. When the wind desires to pick me up and take me for a spin. I won’t say no,

this is the memorial… I should have said yes.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com

kindness sister Krissy

Kindness Diary…

Dear kindness, God has granted us days like this. Where it snows and then the big bright sun comes out of hiding. To take personal inventory. Letting out the bitter – lumps of salt blows in.

Sometimes I don’t always know how to stay afloat. And that’s okay. In a smile or tear, showing compassion with friends, listening hears -reload,

it takes patience, for kindness, it takes patience for the soul,

grows-out in all being and


and be


Running, Don’t Stop Running, Towards the Light And Don’t Look Back: Kindness Diary,

Dear kindness, I feel there’s so much to say. It seems like the world has swallowed a nightmare pill. Somewhere between earth and mars -we are here. Are we ready to wake up?

I needed to run and write, like my life depends upon it. Only because I believe my life has wrapped itself around my faith.

These are the moments, we use our darkness to pursue light. Running to catch fire. Gently light the wings of the butterfly, running to carry tear drops in teacups. Running…

Moments of the darkness,

“We wear the mask” it shades our fears but not our eyes 

 unforgotten missions, weeping warriors,

our sighs’ our pleas,
our hearts open, God, let it be…

“Nevertheless, not my will, but thine”

“surrendered battles, veils and temples, vinegar, and thorns

to quench a thirst,

unrequited love

souls to save,

a place called home, so let it be.

running, where the light turns,

running around in circles,

running with the wind upon our backs

 please don’t look back, ” I saw a new heaven”

” I saw a new earth” 

kindness sis,Krissy

PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens

(Home Photos of my indoor garden)

Dear Kindness, starting a garden without a green thumb is overwhelming. I felt like nothing would grow. After 4 weeks, I dropped the entire box of seedlings. I almost cried. Okay I did. I sat there in dirt for a moment.

Dirt seemed to fly every which way. I swept my little pods and placed them in the box.

Saddened by my butter-fingers. No one to blame but me. I’m always dropping something or knocking something over. I started praying, humming a little ditty in my spirit.

Praying over my house, over my plants, over my neighbors, over this pandemic and everything in between.

Praying and cleaning as usually. I went to bed and got up the next morning to my surprise things are growing.

Now, don’t ask me, what’s what? At this point. I’m overjoyed!

I just have to keep going and let nature run its course.

Plants are resilient little things, and so are we.

your Kindness sister, Krissy

Hope On My Street: Collaboration with PrayerPower4Today

If ever there was such such a thing as Virtual Prayers -Hugs. This is the place to be! https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/ These ladies have become my prayer friends across the internet: There’s Sue giving out her wisdom, Auntie Ruth, delivering virtual booster shots of goodness, might I add, every now and then “a virtual punch in the arm.” Knocking out those bad vibes.

Then there’s Lori, she’s my writing sister, even though we’ve never physically met. I’ve been touched by her soul. Felt the warmth of her being, seen goodness flow from page to page. I’ve been brought back to life with her words. ( go on over – you won’t be disappointed ) Tell them, the kindness sister sent ya! https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/

Thanks Aunt Ruth for the 411 connect on this one. Lori and I share a love for poetry.

I think it’s only fitting for National Poetry Month.

Photo by Lynnelle Richardson on Pexels.com

Hope inside the soul has way of living in perilous times. Just when I think I’ve hit my lowest point. Or the bottom breaks from underneath me. There is hope stirring. Even on my street. Where the Bodega has closed, the young boy survived the latest shooting, at the church on 21 street. Recently he came to give his life back to God.

We taste hope just as the first lizard of the morning sticks out her tongue 
You’d not notice.
It takes, as they say, an eye.

to catch the beauty of the blue-winged dragonfly
Still, spring cannot be contained;
it bursts into bud: daffodils nodding,
blonde and careless, trees shaking down

three-doors down, in a small caddis, vagrant-vacant lot dripping with hunger 
petals, unseasonal flurries. New grass
pokes shyly from the lawn, and smells,
cut, just as it did last summer.
Hope has no fairy tales with rewarding endings 
We are not the same, shaken
as only the most microscopic
menaces can make us. Yet.
Hopes lives in the lives of shattered things 
Nothing can impede the rush to Easter. 
The stone rolls away, light as an egg.
destined for rapture, of better things
What lies inside is awaiting us.

poetry by Lori Strawn, (Lori’s words are Italic, mine are bold)

your Kindness sister Krissy, https://praypower4today.wordpress.com/

Dear Kindness Diary

Dear kindness, I keep showing up here, while the world is always overly busy. I’m finally learning,- learning to slow down, catch a glimpse of the breeze I’ve been chasing. Air so crisp and light. I exhale my many roles, of many hats, bag-lady-queen,

sip kindly my blueberry tea-percolating.

Inwardly the steps I’ve been making,

air-tight cultivating, reservoirs of faith

in times like these, our gatherings were not in vain

our leaps of faith

our worship

our prayers

our fears to shake

drawing closer and closer to the day

to pull from our reserve,

hold out the light for others still coming

cast off the shadows

and wait for day-break

and wait for day-break

your kindness sister Krissy

Dear Kindness Diary:

I came here because the the world is always changing. Sometimes I am too.

Yet and still…

I believe human kindness is a way of putting our arms around the world with compassion in raw un-edited truth that changes the way we write poetry. Kindness, I believe is a moral lifestyle. I’m just trying to do my part in making the world a better place.

I believe kindness-poetry can be felt- chirping off the page. Even now, there’s this gentle nudge that lets’ me know, I’m not alone. That’s kindness.

I believe in kind words that can grab you from the edge of defeat, place you in the center of everything and watch your spirit rise. In the words of Alice Walker, “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.”

That’s kindness too.

I believe kind-poetry in this kind-way lift voices out of ghost towns, and ghettos, and prisons- and makes our human experience- transform as to what it has been into visions of hope, and growth and strengthen our mere existence from invisible, margins of living and dying but we all could use kindness as a way of loving ourselves and each other. We could all use human kindness to rebuild extraordinary lives from what has been,

to what human kindness, still must be.

your kindness sister Krissy