Love is a Revolution


Although the egoic mind points the blame. Perilous times shall come. All the world’s afraid, hurt cannot be transformed. So let the wound lie open, let the winds blow on the wound, sprinkle a savor’s salt on the wound, let the wound lie open. Our days are numbered and our days are short. Love cannot be stopped. Hurt cannot be transformed, so let the wound lie open, let the children rise.

Love is born willing and tender. Love has no color it can only be felt- like the cardinal bird whispering on the fence of my destiny -all things are possible,

Love is a revolution: ever flowing towards – out of solidarity to those seeking refugee, out of a thousand times of rested light – out darkness, love is born over and over. I feel it- sparkling and shimmering, even when the county is mourning- love helps us cry. Love helps us to feel. I honor love – Love is a Revolution. VisionarieKindness all rights reserved 2015



Over Me:

trees wet

Wash me

rivers of love

like tiny rose petals

budding underneath

tapered  fields

Wash me


my imperfections

with the tides

Healing storms in my pocket

deeper and deeper still

Wash me…

Visionariekindess2015  (Image by Malisha Goggans)

Soup of Love Day (3) Napowrimo

napofeature2She wore her cotton purpled sash squares through each yard.

For I never saw a mother with such a discerning eye.

While the day withered from sunshine to bitter night.


For I never saw a mother feed the dead.

In her kitchen with each tool and recipe,

sweeping rounded pipes of potted meat


For I never  saw a mother with such a piercing look

tumbling in and out of oven-soot.


Her humbled feet grounded by the gardens leaves,

just to sing a mumbled tune.

Ah- if that mother’s son could only breathe

For I never saw a mother feed the dead,

with such a discerning eye.

Love’s Tree

                   Inflamed earthquakes

                   Invisible to my cry

                   I saw love tenderly tending,

Exchanging her life for me

I saw love marching to a lovers’ drum

I saw love hanging between two thieves

With vinegar stained lips

“The Temple’s Veil” torn in two

“Forgive them,” that’s what I saw love do!