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In The Night Season (Prayer Poem Video)

written and spoken by the author of Visionariekindness Krissy Mosley

When our souls have reached the night season and it feels we are strumming our pain with uncertainty, this level of opposition it sits at  top of our souls 
 while the tides are so rapid and waves are all consuming,

but God this is where we meet Jesus, this is where we draw the line from fear

to speak in faith 

we draw the line in the night season , for the power of life and death still lies in our own tongues – so we speak life to every dark cloud, we speak life, through the valley of shadow of death ,

in despair and in the dry places, we speak life

so let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich,

 let health enter our bodies as good medicine,

 O Lord, keep your hand upon us and let no evil befall your people, enlarge our territory and bless us indeed 

your kindness sister Krissy

Exhale Day 12)Napowrimo

She had crumbled before

throwing hands right above the stippled light.

This time, her eyes were squared

distilling the faintest of frozen dust.

Her thirst was cleaver

anticipating her stage

She could really take flight.



Give it all you got!

Even if it is just another bust,


Soup of Love Day (3) Napowrimo

napofeature2She wore her cotton purpled sash squares through each yard.

For I never saw a mother with such a discerning eye.

While the day withered from sunshine to bitter night.


For I never saw a mother feed the dead.

In her kitchen with each tool and recipe,

sweeping rounded pipes of potted meat


For I never  saw a mother with such a piercing look

tumbling in and out of oven-soot.


Her humbled feet grounded by the gardens leaves,

just to sing a mumbled tune.

Ah- if that mother’s son could only breathe

For I never saw a mother feed the dead,

with such a discerning eye.