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Kindness Diary…

Dear kindness I am super green when it comes to starting a garden. Not in the way, that people with green thumbs grow things. At first I thought I had no inkling of an idea on what to do. However after a few Youtube videos. I felt invincible.

Of course I made a mess. Yes I dropped my entire box. No I really did not plan. Such is my life. Which requires much, much, patience.

I could hear my mother say, as I awoke each morning to check on my little seeds. “In patience posses ye, your soul.” Patience is a virtue.”

Now after the death of a few, who gave their life so that I may learn. Rest easy my little seeds. God knows I’m trying. (moment of silence for seeds)

Now they are springing out!

For the spring planters out there and homesteaders my hats off to you.

Leave a few tips for me- I’m waiting until the weather settles down a little more because yesterday we had snow. So right now everything growing, is on the windowsill.

Here a few things I’d learned for indoor planting

  • Don’t over water, feel for the level of moisture that lets you know when to water
  • Soak your seeds- it tells them its time to grow (before planting)
  • Some seeds sprout faster, than others
  • if temperature drops use coverings to hold in moisture and create a growing space
  • Patience ,patience, patience

Feel free to leave ideas or encouraging words

p.s. as always from my heart to yours ~kindness sister.

(photo of my home garden)


Kindness Diary…

Dear kindness, God has granted us days like this. Where it snows and then the big bright sun comes out of hiding. To take personal inventory. Letting out the bitter – lumps of salt blows in.

Sometimes I don’t always know how to stay afloat. And that’s okay. In a smile or tear, showing compassion with friends, listening hears -reload,

it takes patience, for kindness, it takes patience for the soul,

grows-out in all being and


and be