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I Might Take This Down: Book is almost done: Excerpt

And with these healings:  heal my sister, that voice inside your head, which echoes within your heart. Heal in rhyme, in freeform, haiku, sonnets & prose. Heal in any form, this healing is for you. 

Heal the stories of your life that you have lived. Heal folk from other parts of you- that you give. Heal your long, lost song ,the long lost praise of” God of our weary years.” Heal your hymns & psalms, enchanted deep in bodies of the night. 

Heal your world of life & mysteries. Heal with crayon, pen, paint, charcoal, chalk or ink. Heal in sweat, tears and faith. Heal of all you see, hear, listen, smell and taste. Heal your own purgatory, limbo, ecstasy and heaven. Of everything that holds your beings’ together. 

Heal, pray & come alive. Heal with healings so deep, only your ancestors have taught you. Whispering healing in your dreams, with long Gaia-dresses, made of straw, broom, and mud to sweep. Healings of the  sphere. 

Healing dangerously, messy, and yearning to be born of you/ your healing to be. And when you think your healing is done, finished and complete. Those voices within your head, & soul will find you and beg. They’ll shout you into victory, dance for you in your sleep, and pray for you in the morning.  Copyright ©2022 Krissy Mosley

Day16 #WritingMyselfWhole: In Prayers of Kindness

Sometimes life can be hard. Even to just breathe continuously without interruptions. There’s always something that takes my breath away. And then I tell myself. Hey! You’re the one holding -breathe girl. Breathe.

I like to think today is a good today to help somebody. Today is a good day to be kind. Today is a good day to  just be me. Today is a good day to enjoy the journey, not wanting anything, just enjoying everything.

photo of me in digital art form

I remember praying for my mother’s healing and now with her on the other side. Mama I want you know, I never stopped praying…I pray for the shooting in Buffalo N.Y. I pray for senseless wars everywhere. I pray for my fellow bloggers and those who I meet. I pray because I need to feel God. I pray that God feels me. I pray when I take my last breath, the world will be better, because I was a vessel of kindness. I pray I was joy in somebody’s sadness. I pray I was light in the oil of sorrow. I pray I was the beauty of gladness in hard times. I pray I was there to give, to give healing and put a dent in somebody’s suffering. This is what I pray Amen.