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Day19 #WritingMyselfWhole: Bleeding Out Prayers in Poetry

my digital art ~ by the Author

As the morning moves the blues clean into hiding
and my tears have prayed me- even before I did
Marvin Gaye’s words prove to be the latest gospel
“oh mercy, mercy me, things ain’t what they used to be”

The soul of America, has a hole where there used to be a heartbeat
the heartbeat of souls slowly dripping over yonder-
the blood of worshipers’, the blood of grocery store shoppers’ ,
the blood of morning commuters’, the blood of protesters’,

the blood that gives me strength, blood that holds whole families together
the blood of day to day, and their blood still cries out from the ground

this is the ache of darkness we are forced to sit with it,
the ache we can’t swallow, because our throats are hard like stone,

Photo by Ingrid Dietrich on Pexels.com

so I must tell you, as I must tell myself,
don’t hold your breath
don’t hold back the tears that follow
don’t cut the black bird’s song
in mere and morrow

let the song bleed you
let this prayer, pray you
let these words hug you tightly
til you do

Poet Krissy Mosley

Day16 #WritingMyselfWhole: In Prayers of Kindness

Sometimes life can be hard. Even to just breathe continuously without interruptions. There’s always something that takes my breath away. And then I tell myself. Hey! You’re the one holding -breathe girl. Breathe.

I like to think today is a good today to help somebody. Today is a good day to be kind. Today is a good day to  just be me. Today is a good day to enjoy the journey, not wanting anything, just enjoying everything.

photo of me in digital art form

I remember praying for my mother’s healing and now with her on the other side. Mama I want you know, I never stopped praying…I pray for the shooting in Buffalo N.Y. I pray for senseless wars everywhere. I pray for my fellow bloggers and those who I meet. I pray because I need to feel God. I pray that God feels me. I pray when I take my last breath, the world will be better, because I was a vessel of kindness. I pray I was joy in somebody’s sadness. I pray I was light in the oil of sorrow. I pray I was the beauty of gladness in hard times. I pray I was there to give, to give healing and put a dent in somebody’s suffering. This is what I pray Amen.