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Don’t Walk & Day Dream:

It was the thundering 80’s when I was conceived. A healthy brown baby doll- 8’pounds, 13, ounces. Dark brown eyes to match my glowing skin. Mama’ said “she’d stayed off drugs long enough to have me.” After that she gave her life to Jesus. Prayed that I’d turn out alright.

staying with the moment, enough- to wonder, if I’d -been born of a different time. Would I Charleston, with the roaring 20’s? Could I lap-out a scat-ta-tat-tat- tap? Or Mash Potato my way through dangers seen and unseen. Would my pen and I be the same?

Staring my imagination, right in the middle of a vivacious swing, I pulled out my umbrella, I was prepared but this rain came out of nowhere, with impeccable timing – thrashing and thrashing.

I ran into a brick wall, all because, I took the long way home. Jumped over the first puddle but hit the wall instead. The umbrella cushioned the blow. Yes, I was hurt but I pretended like I was admiring each pink and red square of that wall.

Slowly slinking away with my wounded umbrella and pride.

sometimes there are just days like this…(okay maybe just for the dreamers out there)

kindness sister Krissy


Bathtub Prayers :

No smoke No fire:

I don’t know where the sea joined me,but the sea had come.I noticed along every path,through tunnels and useful roads the trees were meaner. Their presence just like me giggled at the chance to see single drops pouring sideways .I stood there in foggy bushes,evergreens and hogweeds.The trees danced with swirls, I tried to mimic. Pillowing further into my thoughts, rushing to steam off such bias helpings, the trees .

As if to say, remember the void. Nothingness ,thee great gulf that separated the waters. That holy occurrence, that made heaven real and called light day.Upon this firmament- rested during the night and breathed into man’s nostrils. To make the first souls.Or else, Noah would return – preach good tidings once more. Earth would be destroyed. Instead of holy water he’d bring the hurricane -the ocean and all its power. Elated into joy, there was no more need of one pitiful suicide but all of us could die together.

I have taken time off to finish a fictional Novel I’d started. I am learning so much about life and myself as I attempt to edit and rewrite 147 pages.Yes I am a newbie when it comes to writing books. I am enjoying the ride.Any editing tips would be gratefully appreciated .

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