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Unplug – Rewriting Circuit

I have the power today to unplug myself from the world

if even for a little while


I have the power today to release my spirit into the divine arms of love

I have the power today to tap into the abundant life-giving source

I have the power today to quiet myself and heal my spirit

Breathe two:

I am apart of the great I am

I am listening to the great spirit of light

Breathe three

“I am that I am” is within me

Unplug and repeat -kindness sis Krissy



over seas

In the Arms of stillness

breeds new life

Rushing shores of mercy

both tender and divine

within this sacred moment:

I release my eyes – that I might see

I release my ears – that I might hear

I release my arms that I might embrace

every fragile life in peace…

VisionarieKindness Poetry 2015

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