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(Day 4 Animal)Queenie

Her name was Queenie

I watched her,

swallow down her babies,

then I thought

A mother who consumes her young

Watch out,

Life is Crazy…

true story when I was a kid, My dog must have been sick or maybe the puppies…

Poetry challenge to write about an animal

Day 3 (Trust): Colors of Skin

Skipping light,gotta find time to be,

Kind,letting go suicidal humming;she’ll rise above, wrinkled lines.

If she could only see, the colors in her own glass.

Never then, would she pretend to be trapped, instead she’d be free.

Today’s word is trust:Writing Poetry 201 Challenge

To trust myself is a challenge after so many falls and let downs…(trusting the skin I’m in)

Happy writing….


Go to the Water


I go to the water 

there I will find my ancestors 

in worship and spirit,

becoming one breath.

I go to the water there I will find

My ancestors of rhythm and sleep

Emerging in water where deals are made of bone and fabric

The future me lies here in the water

I go to the water,

there I will find my ancestors.

Poet: Krissy Mosley all rights reserved 2014