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BUT WRITE SISTER, WRITE: Write sister, write, says that voice inside your head, Which echoes too, within your heart & in your soul, Write in rhyme, prose, haiku, in sonnets & quatrains, Write in any form you wish, but write sister, write.

Write poetry & stories, of your life, & lives of others, Of folk from other parts, & those to you, who are near, Pen your hymns & psalms & scribe your songs of praise, To your God & the Gods of others, but write sister, write.

Write of world’s lost histories, of life’s mysteries & of sex, Of loves lost & gained, fairness & battles that were useless, Write with quill or crayon, pen, pencil, charcoal, chalk or ink, Write with sweat, wrenched gut, or blood, but write sister, write. Write of all you know, see, hear, taste & feel, of every joy & pain, Write of Heaven, Hell, life & death, & of all that is in between, Tell us of purging, of purgatory & Limbo, of ecstasy & sinning, Of everything that’s pristine clean & dirty, but write sister, write.

Write upon paper, parchment, on screen in typed clicked fingers, In sleazy bars, upon beer mats, on tissued napkins, or upon sands, Whisper your words or shout them, to mountains, seas & rivers, Write love letters within all your dreams, but write sister, write. Write of leaders & losers, cads, cadgers, villains & Don Juans, Of Saints & babies, of tramps, soldiers, & the aged so well lived, Of mystical beasts, of mystics, monks, Druids & everyday men, Of all women, all children, of you & me, but write sister, write.

Write of grey street corners, of green forests & of floral fields, Of moons, suns, stars, of blue & grey skies & deep rolling seas, Of meandering rivers, scudding clouds, lone islands & deserts, Of the faces & places you know & don’t, but write sister, write.

Write of birds & beasts, but don’t write for anyone else but you, Write of wishes yearned in prayers, write it messy, write it neat, There is no right way, nor wrong way to write it, just do it, write, Make love to words, those friends & foes, but write sister, write.

Write of all countries, states, nations, villages, towns, & cities, Make it beautiful, scarred, or ugly, quirky, or downright pretty, Write it dangerous, write it safe, make it irksome & even easy, Make folk feel uneasy, happy or queasy, but write sister, write. Write all of it, put it down, jot it, note it, scribble it, write it all, And when you think all is written, done, finished & completed, Those voices within your head, heart & soul will pay you a visit, They’ll whisper, shout & sing with passion, but write sister, write, For it will never ever be done, it is merely something called life. POETRY BY – SUE LOBO

For those of you that may not know’ she’s the poet of all times…

truly thank you for sharing these words with me Sue Lobo🖤💙❤💛🧡💕